Energy Saving


These days, a lot is being said and written about building green.  Saving energy is the best place to start in building and living green.   Energy efficiency helps save the planet by reducing the amount of fossil fuels used at power plants, and puts more "green" in your wallet by significantly reducing the cost of heating and cooling your new home.  Additionally, energy efficient features add to your family's year 'round comfort and increase the value of your home.

Al Belt Custom Homes is proud to be an CERTIFIED HIGH PERFORMANCE HOME builder.

Certified High Performance Homes built by Al Belt Custom Homes are carefully designed and built to use at least 35% less energy than the average similar new home and 50% less energy than a similar existing home

Think about it.  This means you'll save money every month of every year for decades.  Because of the advanced construction practices of Al Belt Custom Homes, CHPH features don't add a single penny to the cost of your new home.  In addition to using LESS ENERGY to lower operating costs and reduce environmental impacts, a Certified High Performance Home is built to have better air quality, durability and comfort.

For your assurance each home's energy efficiency is certified by an independent, third-party home energy rater.  So when we say we are committed to energy savings, it isn't just talk--it's validated by a qualified outsider giving you the confidence and peace-of-mind in knowing your new home will be saving you money and helping improve the environment.


In every Al Belt built home you'll find many 'tried-and-true' energy-efficient features:

1. Effective Insulation.  Blown-in batt insulation (which Al Belt Custom Homes installs in all their houses) insures even temperatures throughout the house, reduced energy use, and increased comfort.  Unlike standard roll insulation, which can leave uninsulated gaps, blown-in fiberglass fills all the empty spaces in walls and attics.  It snugly blankets your house to help keep your utility bills low.

2. High-Performance Windows.   The ENERGY STAR certified Pella windows used in Al Belt Custom Homes employ advanced technologies of protective coatings, low maintenance Endura-Clad frames, and low-E insulating double pane glass  to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer.  These windows also block damaging ultraviolet sunlight that can discolor carpets and furnishings.

3. Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment.  In addition to using less energy to operate, the 91% energy-efficient Carrier furnaces and 13 SEER Carrier air conditioning systems in Al Belt Custom Homes are quieter, control indoor humidity, and improve the overall comfort of your family.

4. Tight Construction and Sealed Ducts.  Any gaps in your home's "envelope" are sealed to reduce drafts, moisture, dust, pollen, and noise. In a typical home up to 20% of the air moving through the heating and air conditioning ducts is lost due to holes and leaks, but not in an Al Belt Custom Home.  In your Al Belt Custom Home all the duct connections are sealed with tough metal tape to prevent leakage.

More information about Certified High Performance Homes can be found on the CHPH website, .